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TVFL League Meeting

1.  Discussed resolutions that passed at the January 10, 2009 state meeting and will be in effect for the 2009 state tournament.   PDF Download of Bylaw Revisions

2.  TVFL Calendar has been updated to include late CHSSA dues deadline (2/17/09) and State Entry & Fee Deadline (3/25/09).  If you have not paid your CHSSA dues by 2/17 then you can’t compete at our State Qualifiers.

3.  These schools are on record as having paid their CHSSA dues.

1. Birmingham High School
2. Bishop Alemany
3. Burbank High School
4. Campbell Hall (Episcopal)
5. Canyon High School
6. Chaminade College Prep
7. Community Charter High
8. Golden Valley High School
9. Granada Hills High School
10. Monroe High School
11. North Hollywood High School
12. Sherman Oaks CES
13. Valencia High School
14. W.H. Taft High School
15. W.S. Hart High School
16. West Ranch High School
17. El Camino Real
18. Oaks Christian
19. Cleveland HS

lThey each get a copy of the TI DVD made last year.  If you pay your state dues, you can pick up a copy at the state tournament.

4.  You can see the 2009 State Prep Committees and Script Collection & Review Timeline on our homepage under State Allocations & State Prep Committees/Timelines.

5.  If you know of any professional writers that would like to be a part of the OPP DVD for next year (giving incite on how they get their inspiration for pieces), you can contact
Rita Prichard at

6.  The address for Culver City High School is
4601 Elenda St.
Culver City, CA  90233
(310) 842 4200

It’s not on the schedule.

7.  You need to download the cover letters from the CHSSA site for the prepared events that your students will be entering and make sure they understand the directions. 

8.  Congress will be tabbed differently this year.  All ranks count throughout the tournament as opposed to counting all ranks beginning with the Semi-Final round.  Also, they have new handouts for Congress which some will receive at our upcoming Congress tournament.  They have condensed the motions that will be allowed during the round.

9.  Last minute update - No electronic devices allowed during Parli prep.

10.  CHSSA would like for you or your students to submit articles to the Bulletin, a state newsletter that gives information on state events and issues concerning speech & debate in general.

11.  If you would like to run for Area 3 Chair, this link gives you a pdf explaining how.

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