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2018 Script Timeline

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2018 Script Submissions

(*if you are a Veteran coach and know the ropes, you can skip to the summary at the end*)

Script Prep Tutorial: 10 AM, Saturday 1/20, Taft HS (Examples provided)

Rule changes will be explained—even veteran coaches should attend!

Coaches: Submit your prepared-event scripts as follows:

Submission Opportunities # 1 & 2: Earlybird Special! Kathy will gladly read your scripts during the 1/27 Congress tournament at Saugus and then again during the 2/3 IE tournament at West Ranch. If they are perfect, she will approve and file them right then and there! If there are errors, she will tell you how to correct them. Take advantage and get the dreaded script task done and out of the way! Ask for help and advice!

èSubmission Opportunity #3:1st Committee Reads: Weds 2/14 4-8 PM at Monroe

All committee members please attend; dinner provided. Coaches bring your scripts* early to give committee members time to read them, but in any case, no later than 5 PM. You may also drop scripts off at Monroe prior to the meeting; place them in K. Graber’s mailbox in the main office or take directly to her classroom, M2. * Don’t forget to attach a 2018 coversheet to each script with all required signatures.

NOTE: We want you to have ample time to fix the problems that may be found. The sooner your problems are identified, the more time you have to correct them. Do not wait until the very end to get your scripts read; every year coaches bring “illegal” scripts to us at the last minute, and then there is no time to make corrections and the students lose their chance to compete at the IE qualifier. Avoid this by getting your scripts read and approved as early as possible.

Opportunity #4:Fri 2/23-Sat 2/24 at the SQ Debate Tournament at El Camino Real

IMPORTANT! Whether you are helping to read scripts or just submitting, prepare to wait around while your scripts are being reviewed. Hopefully, the scripts you bring all get approved, but it is likely that several will be returned to you for corrections. Because mistakes are commonly found, prepare to stay until all your scripts are vetted by committee members. That way, you can take problem scripts away with you and bring them back to Congress Quals for Kathy’s signature.

Tentative Committees: (Kathy floats and reads in all committees as needed; Jennifer Kindred will also help read scripts at Congress quals. No committee member may read scripts from his or her own school.) If you are not assigned and would like to help, please volunteer!

·         OI & TI: Eleanor (Hart), Megan (Saugus), Cindy (Canyon)

·         OO/OA, EXPOS, OPP: Jerome (GH), Susan (Camp Hall), Winston (SC), Chris (SOCES)

·         DI/HI & DUO: Rachael (GH),Jessica(Cleve), Bobby (Chaminade)

Final Submission Day for previously reviewed and corrected scripts:

Sat. March 3 at the Congress Qualifier at SOCES in Tarzana

Note: If you are not planning to attend the Congress, you may mail or drop off your corrected scripts to Monroe High School by Friday March 2nd. Either place in K. Graber’s box in the main office, or bring them to her classroom, M2. Contact K. Graber for the mailing address if you are geographically distant and cannot drop them off in person.

Drop Deadline: Wednesday March 7at the IE paneling session at Monroe from 3:30-8:30 PM. If vetted scripts are not in the league president’s hands by this date, those affected speakers will NOT be able to enter the state qualification tournament. THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR ANY REASON. New scripts will NOT be accepted on this date. The only scripts that may be submitted at paneling are scripts that have been previously vetted by committee members and were returned for minor corrections, such as a missing signature on the cover page.

Note: ALL coaches with IE entries MUST attend the Wednesday paneling on 3/7. The IE qualifier is NOT paneled by computer. We hand-panel each event using cards. You must be present to fill out your cards and help with the paneling. Please arrive at Monroe between 3:30-4:30 and report to room E5. We will have coffee, drinks and snacks and bring in dinner as well. Scripts brought to paneling must have already been read by a committee member and all pre-identified problems must have been corrected. Do NOT bring new scripts to paneling.THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. In fact, our script policy is lenient compared to CHSSA recommendation that all scripts be submitted to the league president ONE MONTH PRIOR TO THE STATE QUAL TOURNAMENT!

Finally, please secure commitments from your students to compete at the state tournament. This includes their parents’ permission. Every year kids compete, qualify, and then turn around—often just a day or two later—and tell their coach that they cannot attend States. The coversheet that you, your student, his/her parental figure, and your principal signs, is a contract. And it applies to the non-scripted events (Impromptu, Extemp, Congress and Debate) as well. That contract reads,

NOTE: The 2018 State Tournament will be held April 20-22. Students who are unavailable to attend on these dates are ineligible to compete in the qualification tournaments.

Despite signing this, there are kids who enter quals for the thrill of competing, or for bragging rights, or for the NFL points, or for the beautiful qualifying plaque, and for whatever reason, don’t really intend to go to States. Some forge their parents’ signatures and then you find out after the fact that the parents will not let them go, or their grades have fallen and they are academically ineligible to compete. We’ve heard it all. If your school prom or anther big event conflicts with States, make sure your students are willing to sacrifice that for States in the event they qualify. Note: TOC may conflict—make sure your circuit debaters know that. They have a choice to make!

It is not only a constitutional violation to compete at a qualifier if the speaker is not committed to attending States, it is highly unethical and unfair to every other league speaker in that event. Every qualifier wins a dearly coveted league spot at States, and those speakers fortunate enough to qualify should dedicate themselves to representing TCFL at the state tournament to the best of their ability and hopefully, bring home a state title. MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS COMMITMENT.

You will have a very short window to register your qualifiers on the state online registration website ( They are due Tues. Mar. 13; fees& forms due one week later on 3/20!

One more thing: the 2018 coversheets are posted on the website. I will also have hard copies at the 1/20 tutorial. Each coversheet is 2 pp long. The first page is your signature page; the second page details an abridged version of the event rules and manuscript requirements. Read the fine print carefully. At the end of page 2 is a checklist; make sure you can honestly check every box. For the complete rules, consult the online bylaws in the state constitution at Feel free to ask me questions as they come up. I’ll do my best to answer promptly. And please come to the 1/20 script tutorial at Taft if possible. See you soon! Kathy


Saturday 1/20 Script Tutorial @ TAFT

Saturday 1/27 Kathy will check “earlybird” scripts at TCFL Congress @ Saugus

Saturday 2/3 Kathy will check “earlybird” scripts at IE Open @ West Ranch

èWeds 2/14 Committee Reads 4-8 PM Monroe HS Library (the bulk of TCFL scripts should come in!)

Fri 2/23-Sat 2/24 Committee Reads during St. Qual Debate Tournament @ ECR-LAST CHANCE

Saturday 3/3 Final Approval on scripts that were returned for corrections during Congress Quals @ SOCES

Wednesday 3/7 IE Qual paneling @ Monroe, 3:30-8:30. Vetted scripts filed, speakers entered on cards.

Fri 3/9-Sat 3/10 IE Quals @ Burbank HS

Tuesday 3/13 Online entry due on Joy of Tournaments

Tuesday 3/20 Postmark deadline foe state entry fees and paperwork

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