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Kathy’s notes from CHSSA May 2009 meeting:

Blending with MMFL; change name to Tri-County Forensic League? (LA, Ventura, Santa Barbara)

States 2010: April 16 – 18 @ Bakersfield College (Hire League Bus??)

  • Online Entries due Weds March 17; scripts must be in Ashley Novak’s hands by Sat March 20; state tournament entry fees due by Weds March 24.

Beginning next year, CHSSA dues will be a flat $100 per school.  New assessment forms will be on the website soon. Will affect allocations slightly but shouldn’t hurt us.  MARCH 1ST IS STILL THE CHSSA DUES DEADLINE FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR ALLOCATIONS CALCULATIONS!

Bylaw revision: “No school shall be admitted to a state qualification tournament unless the CHSSA dues are postmarked on or before two weeks prior to said qualification contest.”

2010 ALLOCATIONS to be determined at September meeting.

DVD next year focuses on OI
Curric. Committee also doing Judge Instructions DVD this summer; e-mail her our suggestions


  • To encourage better PO’s: $500 award for 1st pl; $200 award for 2nd (will sunset in 5 years); will be called the “Bob DeGroff Award”
  • Sweepstakes points for winning PO also double from current 3 to 6 for 1st, from 2 to 4 for 2nd, and from 1 to 2 for semis
  • There will be one bonus entry in PO from now on
  • A session may end before the 90 min time limit if no speakers wish to speak; a session can end on an affirmative speech—no need to “complete the cycle” (an urban legend!)
  • Instead of current 9 judges for 3 hrs in finals, will go to 2 final sessions, 90 mins each, 5 judges each panel:

                                                            Finals A: 90 mins, 5 judges
                                                            Finals B: 90 mins, 5 judges

State topics will post on CHSSA website for our study and practice
(all written by Chuck Ballingall, who does not coach Parli nor do his students compete in Parli, but we can submit topics for his consideration)

  • Note no “This House” wording this year

        R1: Fact Based
        R2: Value Based
        R3: Policy Based

Try 2-strike option? (Some leagues use; adds 10 mins to prep time)

Marianne’s bylaw revision passed: The affirmative speaker must speak FIRST in all debate events.


  • No notes allowed in OPP and Expos (eliminates archaic rule allowing them)
  • Other than OI, interp scripts must be published and readily available by Sept. 1 of that competitive school year.
  • HI DQ’d for adding words that were not in the submitted script; another IE DQ’d for using wardrobe as a prop.


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