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8/25/09 Minutes

* Introductions

* Checks should be made out to TVFL instead of TCFL, due to accounting reasons. Certificates and ballots still have
TVFL on them.       

* Ashley Novak is pregnant, Jennifer Kindred (Ventura) is acting as proxy for area chair, Marianne Rosen (Chaminade) 
is Area 3 rep and serving on curriculum committee; Kathy Graber from Monroe is league rep.

* Anne Burnett will check for hotels near Burbank for state quals.

* If you need descriptions, rules, or any info, email Kathy Graber. She can also direct you to who can help. Eleanor
Nishoka has NFL info.

* SPAR and storytelling are unique events to our league—so those who are new to the league may need to look at        those rules. Also unique to our league, we do not split extemp into national and international until quals. Our extemp    rounds require NATt and IX files. Topics come from champcraft. Newcomers to speech and debate should go to            CHSSA website.

All coaches should familiarize themselves with state constitution and read the state minutes. These decisions do        affect the kids and their competitions. Ex: there is now an incentive to coach a good PO for states.

* Deadlines are important. We read scripts in committees— this divides up the work. We read all scripts prior to quals.   We adhere strictly to deadlines.

* CHSSA dues are a flat $100, due December 1st to area 3 chairperson (Ashley Novak—Arcadia High). Directions are     on the CHSSA website under area 3. Payments must be a check from school, a money order or cashier’s check—no      personal checks will be accepted. Payments after Dec 1st will not receive OPP DVD and be subject to a $20 late fee.      Late payments can also affect our allotted slots for states. We can receive more slots if everyone sends payments on    time. March 1st is the final deadline for late payments.

* Script deadlines are decided around December. There is a new rule that an interp script must be published by             September 1st of competition year. No interps published on the internet are acceptable. OIs not subject to either        exclusion.

* Parli topics: Nermin will post this year’s state topics on the CHSSA website. We as a league can submit topics this year, though we do not know submission deadline yet. State tournaments use the following formula: Rd 1, fact based topic, Rd 2, value based topic, Rd 3, policy based topics. We as a league could use this formula and it will help us conform to the state. There was also talk of using the ‘two strike topic’ system—each team has the option to strike a topic, which can add 10 minutes to prep time.

* IE changes: state has officially banned notes in OPP or EXPOS. No notes on the back of visual aid, this is now explicitly against the rules. This year’s states had two DQs; 1 HI added words not in the script submitted. One student DQ’d for using coat as a prop/wardrobe.

* Congress topics. As a league, we are obligated to write and submit congress topics for state tournament. Deadline is December 1st (?) volunteers are needed to help write topics. Look for emails from Kathy to help. As a league, coaches write topics. Certain categories are needed, and Kathy will post those. Students can write bills. If a student writes a bill, that student will get credit and preferential speaking order.  Check billtracker website for bills/models. Bills can be state or federal. Congress is run as if it were a house of the senate. Coaches should encourage novices to do Congress. Novices compete only with other novices. Other houses are divided by JV and Varsity. POs are always varsity.  JV only offered in congress but not in IE's or Debate.

* At novice IE and debate tournaments, varsity students are encouraged to judge. Only two novice tournaments are offered. A student is a novice if they have never competed in the category they plan to enter during their tenure in High School. If they have never competed in Congress, IE's, or Debate - they are a novice in that category.  In other words, if a student has competed in IE's but never Congress  or Debate - they are a novice in Congress & Debate but considered varsity in IE's.

* Should more tournaments be added to the schedule? May not be plausible this year, but definitely next year. We could also add more rounds, such as semis or finals. This will extend tournaments. Marmonte ran tournaments together; debate on Friday nights, Saturday, IE’s with a congress. These tournaments were always overnight, which will not be feasible. Are there ways to shorten the days? Bigger venues would allow for more events to run at the same time.  Judges are also an issue. Can we recruit more college students to judge? Students can triple enter, as long as two events are on a panel (and not on the extemp side).

* New coaches should stick to league tournaments to avoid burnout. College tournaments are more competitive, however, league tournaments are important for the kids, as it is their only path to states. As a league, we do well at states. Our students network and socialize with each other within our league.

* Our league is hosting states in 2013—West Ranch High School has been proposed.

*Calendar: PUC is no longer a question mark. Cleveland also ok to host. Need debate qual host— Chaminade unable. Granada?  El Camino? Open IE host in December--El Camino? Nordhoff? Monroe? La Reina unavailable. Oxnard College may be able to host something, possibly debate quals, but we would need a school to host (get food, unlock rooms).

*League dues TBA  and are due at the first tournament.

*Trophies  for tournaments are determined by number of panels in each event. Certificates are awarded as well.

*Workshop at Campbell Hall; Shows students what events look like. Good for novice speakers and parents. State qualifiers in events will demonstrate events. We went through students who will demonstrate. as well as schedule. We decided to include Congress in the demo. Congress workshop changes: demo a 3 minute congress speech with a couple of kids rising for 1 minute q/a. One person to demo PO. Will first congress topics be ready to hand out at workshop? Congress topics will be on the website. Congress topics are needed. Kathy will email categories. In order to write a bill, one should look at current topics (healthcare, economy). With a congress in the demo part, this would extend lunch and parent orientation. Students rotate through clinics—30 minutes ea. Afternoon demo of debates. Parli explained in SPAR and then demo in the afternoon along with Public Forum. Short LD demo to follow.

*It was suggested that cities of each school be added to website to help plan and mapquest directions

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