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CHSSA meeting minutes
January 9, 2010

Presidents’ Meeting

1.  Cover sheets have been emailed.  Needed to be sent twice because the first set had the “opt out” signature on the wrong event.  DVD this year will be OI—that is the cover sheet that has the “opt out” section.  League presidents need to make students aware of OI videotaping.  All OI students may be filmed unless they sign the opt out portion of the cover sheet.

2.  Joy of Tournaments website for state tournament will open as of Feb. 1.

3.  Deadlines:
* March 17—deadline for online entries to the state tournament
* March 20—deadline for scripts to Area Chair
* March 23—deadline for fees to Area Chair.  Have changed the language regarding fees to read “delivery confirmation” rather than “certified mail”.  Delivery confirmation achieves the same purpose, is cheaper and does not require a signature.

3.5.  Tangent discussion on tournament computer programs—Joy of Tournaments vs. Tabroom. 

4.  In checking scripts Nermin reminded presidents to remember the following:
* TI scripts—different highlighting colors for different pieces is required
* No scripts with crossed out words
* Be vigilant in checking for internet scripts—some coaches/students are using internet scripts and doctoring them to look like published scripts.

5.  Turn in league rules regarding state qualifying tournaments (I gave her TVFL’s)

6.  Parli Debate at state tournament—Each round students will be given a different color of paper to prepare notes, outlines, speeches, use for flowing, etc.  (For example, round one might be pink, round two might be yellow, etc.)  This is not a by-law change; this is simply a new procedure.  The purpose is to prevent students from using pre-prepared briefs.  For each round only that color paper that was issued can be used in the round.

7.  No cell phones may be used as timers during the state tournament.  People are worried that students are using cell phones to access the internet.  If students want to time themselves, they should have traditional stopwatches.

8.  ADA discussion.  Any student who requires special accommodations (per IEP, etc) needs to submit request in writing along with entry to state.  Reason for this discussion is that one student in Area 2 has a processing disorder.  IEP states that he must be allowed to use a computer to take notes because he cannot take them by hand.  Nermin told Area 2 to make sure that student’s school supplies him with a computer that only has word processing capabilities.

CHSSA meeting

1.  General announcements from Sharon—Rita’s son got married.  She is now a grandmother to a very cute 3-year old boy.  Nermin is engaged!  Fiancé proposed to her while they were in Spain over Winter Break.  He was at the meeting; his name is Matt.  Ashley had twins—a boy and a girl.  Their names are…Izzy Pharaoh and Willow Sophia. 

Ok, here is the real info:

2.  VP Report--No packets of info for the state tournament this year—it is all online.  Nermin asked/urged that if people are going to put in ads for the Program, that they do it ASAP.  Every year she gets them all at the last minute—very stressful.

3.  Curriculum Report—OPP DVD was distributed.  It features the usual section of instructions/skill set building, example speeches and a “special features” with the entire interview with screenwriters of “Heroes”.

Next DVD will be OI.  She repeated info that I already put in the Presidents’ Meeting notes.

4.  Treasurer report—Neil passed out budget.  I am mailing you the copy of the budget along with the actual by-law changes so that you have the hard copies.  Budget was accepted with virtually no discussion.

Area Reports

* Area 1—Still looking for a site for state tournament in 2012.
* Area 2—State Tournament prep is going well.  State tournament April 16 – 18 at Bakersfield College.  Food will be available on campus the whole weekend.  The cafeteria at the college will be open for students, and the student store has agreed to stay open.  Also, Bakersfield has a lot of Basque restaurants if people are interested.  Looking into the possibility of the college’s planetarium being open in the evening for students who may not have rounds.  A list of restaurants will be made available.
* Area 3—No report b/c Ashley didn’t give me anything.
* Area 4—2011 State tournament will be at Cypress College.

Public Relations Committee Report

John Cardoza reported that the PR committee is working on a 3 – 5 year plan to boost presence of speech in high schools..  The CHSSA website should change to reflect the two pillars (his words) of the organization—competition and curriculum.  Sharon commented that they are looking for more people to help with PR committee.  Also, at the executive council meeting, Sharon said that they were floating around the idea of an AP speech course.  They were looking to talk to ETS, etc.  All of this is VERY preliminary.

IE Committee

Report included discussion of ADA accommodations for students.  Also, extemp topic areas were given.  I am listing them beginning with round 1.  NOTE that the topic areas for NX have changed order:

IX—Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa
NX—California, Social Issues, Federal Politics, Foreign Policy, Economy

Debate Committee

LD by-laws had no specific rule regarding prep time, so by-law revision coming to clean that up.  Prep time for LD is 3 minutes per side.
NFL has changed the format for public forum slightly—last speech is now 2 minutes.  CHSSA will change this for next year, but THIS YEAR, speech times stay the same.
Debate committee also explained use of colored paper in Parli.

Congress Committee

NFL representative came to discuss NFL changes to congress.  These changes will be in effect for the 2010 National Tournament but individual NFL districts do not have to change until next year.  Changes are available in the congress manual online.  Changes include: a move to a ranking system in each round, an evaluation sheet for judges that asks them to consider content and presentation, times for rounds at the national tournament were discussed, priority to include “recency”—who spoke earlier, all priorities will reset with each new PO, a new seating chart with ADA considerations, and at the National Tournament students will no longer use up part of their time in committees.  Also the name will change to “Congressional Debate”.

Curriculum Committee

In addition to discussing the OI DVD and OPP DVD, curriculum reported on the ideas that they are floating for their next project.  Ideas include:
* A 9-week speech course
        Lessons would be standards-based
        They envision this as a class that may be required for graduation
* A coaches’ workshop—similar to debate workshop that was held several yrs. ago
* Judges’ DVD—to explain different events to judges/parents

Hall of Fame

One nominee this year:  Carl Adams from Area 2.

New Business  (I am mailing you the hard copy of these motions)

1. 10-01-A
    LD rules never included prep time.  Add language “No more than 3 minutes shall be allowed each debater during debate”.
Discussion—NFL went to 4 minutes prep.  Debate committee will look into that.  In the meantime, motion passes.

2.  10-01-B
    Attempt to deal with “store-front” speech programs that take students from multiple schools.  Add language “The registrar or principal must sign the entry form verifying that all entrants are eligible to receive a diploma at the school they are representing in the state tournament” 
    LONG  discussion  Ad hoc committee formed (at the suggestion of Mr. Cardoza) to determine what constitutes a member school rather than putting the onus on students.

3.  10-01-C  Housekeeping by-law to reflect current practice of submitting league entries to state tournament by internet. 
    Another long  discussion with lots of friendly amendments.  I have marked all the friendly amendments on the actual by-law which I am sending you.  Motion passes

4. 10-01-D  Financial Burden.  June put forth this in order to help schools who stop issuing checks because of financial issues.  Bottom line—if schools have difficulty paying for state tournament, they are to contact the Area Chair. Motion passes.

5.  10-01-E  Housekeeping rule that specifically says no more than 150 words shall be added to OI.  This is already the practice/expectation.  But now the rules reflect that.  Motion passes.

6.  10-01-F  ADA by-law change.  I already mentioned this in Presidents’ meeting.  Any student who requires special accommodations (per IEP, etc) needs to submit request in writing along with entry to state.  Motion passes.

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