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A Bill to Establish Specific Policy


1     SECTION 1.  State the new policy in a brief declarative sentence, or in as few sentences as

2     possible.

3     SECTION 2.  Define any ambiguous terms inherent in the first section.

4     SECTION 3.  Name the government agency that will oversee the enforcement of the bill along

5     with the specific enforcement mechanism.

6     SECTION 4.  Indicate the implementation date/timeframe.

7     SECTION 5.  State that all other laws that are in conflict with this new policy shall hereby be

8     declared null and void.


Introduced by Name of Student, School, California Coast NFL District



A Resolution to Urge Further Action on a Specific Issue


1     WHEREAS, State the current problem (this needs to be accomplished in one brief sentence); and

2     WHEREAS, Describe the scope of the problem cited in the first whereas clause (this clause needs

3                      to flow logically from the first); and

4     WHEREAS, Explain the impact and harms perpetuated by the current problem (once again, the

5                      clause needs to flow in a logical sequence); now, therefore, be it

6     RESOLVED, By the Student Congress here assembled that: state your recommendation for dealing

7                      with the problem (the resolution should be a clear call for action); and, be it

8     FURTHER RESOLVED, That (an optional additional recommendation; if not used, end the

9                      previous "resolved" clause with a period).


                        Introduced by Name of Student, School, California Coast NFL District


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