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Monroe Invitational Results 2015 

(Tie Breaker procedure located below)

Top Speakers
Parli - Chad Gasman (Valley International Prep)
Public Forum - John Nahas (Nova 42)
LD - Komal Khullar (Granada Hills Charter)

Individaul Events

Top Speaker
1st - Ryan Saraie (North Hollywod) [1st in Impromptu, 3rd in OI, 7th in Congress] = 19 sweeps
2nd - Rachel Kho (Velasquez Academy) [1st in Duo, 4th in TI] = 14 sweeps, but with a championship
3rd - Christopher Hernandez (Schurr) [2nd in Persuasive, 3rd in Duo] = 14 sweeps

1st - Schurr High School (66 Speech Points, 4 Debate Points) = 70
2nd - Granada Hills (25 Speech Points, 40 Debate Points) = 65
3rd - Sherman Oaks (56 Speech Points, 8 Debate Points) = 64

IE & Debate Results

Congratulations all!

Tie Breaker procedure (We don't break Picket Fences)
1.  Based on ranks - number of 1's, 2's, 3's, etc.

2.  Based on ratings - highest cumulative rating (total score) wins
3.  Based on ratings - number of 30's, 29's, 28's, etc.

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