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Recency Priority Explained

CHSSA Explanation

Recency Chart

If person A and person B have spoken the same number of times, the one who spoke least recently gets the next speech. Questions, attempts, and yields have nothing to do with it. POs can use trivia/rock-paper-scissors/etc. to break a total tie between first-time speakers.

When selecting questioners, POs first look at clash (if the speaker called out the questioner by name in their speech) and then recency (if the questioner hasn't been able to ask a question recently, so everyone gets an equitable amount). Recency DOES reset between rounds unless students remain in the same house. This way, strong speakers who may have been limiting themselves in round 1 or 2 because they were afraid of burning too much priority cards are free to explore their full potential.

Iain Lampert

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